Building a ModelWorks 5700 Pannier Tank Engine in 5" Gauge

Kit 9:
Boiler Lagging, Boiler Cladding, attaching the Turret, Fire Door assembly, Regulator, Draw Hooks, Buffers and Drain Cocks
Kit 9 is quite large and takes longer than some of the previous Kits with 9 sub assemblies. I tackled this Kit in reverse order, wanting to complete the fitting of parts before tackling the Boiler lagging and Cladding.

Kit 9 - Assembled

The Drain Cocks are of the automatic variety and relatively easy to fit. The only issue you have is that the loco is now getting heavy. A few blocks of wood now become your best friend.

Kit 9 – Fitting the Drain Cocks & Boiler Cladding

The only problem I had was the poor manufacture of one of the Drain Cocks. The problem was that the bore size was too large and would allow the ball bearing used to produce a seal, to enter the Cylinder (not good!). Again however, I received very good service form ModelWorks, receiving a replacement in the post a few days latter.

The Fire Door assembly, Buffers and Draw Hooks where assembled and fitted very easily.

The Regulator is fiddly to assemble and fit. I also had an issue with the drawings and sub assembly instructions at this stage. The regulator actuating assembly can be assembled in two ways, both which would work, but which way should the regulator lever move to open/shut off steam? I quick phone call to a member of the St Albans Model Engineering Club helped to resolve this issue (many thanks to that person on a Sunday morning!). Simple additions to the drawing indicating which direction is open / closed would be helpful.

The Boiler Lagging and Cladding is relatively simple but fiddly. The Boiler Cladding needs a lot of effort to remove once sprung into place around the Boiler barrel. My intention is to paint the cladding off the loco, then apply one finishing coat of paint once fitted. That way I should be able to touch up any damage during fitting, whilst realising a better paint finish.

Note in the above picture the use of cable ties around the Boiler Cladding. This is used to tighten the Cladding around the Boiler barrel whilst shaping and test fitting the Boiler Bands.

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