Building a ModelWorks 5700 Pannier Tank Engine in 5" Gauge

Kit 7:
Blower Tube and Fusible Plug assembly on the Boiler
Kit 7 is basically the Boiler. There is only the Blower Tube to fit, although it is a little fiddly, and the Fusible Plug to screw in.

Kit 7 - Test fitting of the Boiler

After having fitted the painted Smokebox, I wanted to see how easy or not it is to fit the Boiler. It turned out that you need to remove a nut & bolt from the rear Horn Blocks which are fouled by the bottom rear of the Firebox. Other than that, the Boiler fits well.

Its worth noting that the front Axle/Wheel assembly has to be loosened, to get the rear Smokebox mounting screws in! At this point I was very grateful for the Stand I had previously made, allowing me to easily work on an inverted loco.


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