Building a ModelWorks 5700 Pannier Tank Engine in 5" Gauge

Kit 4:
Crosshead Pump, Valve Gear and Lubricator Eccentric Strap
This Kit is quite sizable with no less than 12 sub assemblies. The tip given in kit 2 of decanting the parts into their relative sub assembly really pays off and makes the build a lot easier.

Kit 4 - Assembled

In Kit 7 you will find a sheet describing how to set the default valve timing. This is best done at this stage before testing and fine tuning is carried out at the end of Kit 6 and you also ensure that no damage occurs to the valves due to excessive travel in any one direction.

Assembly of the Crosshead Pump is straight forward but a little fiddly when attaching the Pump Ram to the left hand Crosshead and when bolting the Pump to the Motion Plate. The “O” ring seal for the Pump Ram appeared to be too large and not sealing. After a quick call to ModelWorks, they confirmed that a different “O” ring was required and put one in the post, which was received the next day.

The assembly and fitting of the Connecting Rods was easy and straight forward, as was the assembly of the Expansion Link/Eccentric Rod assemblies. However, the fitting of the Eccentric Straps to the Axle Eccentrics took a little longer. ModelWorks state that lapping of the Eccentrics is not required and that they will bed in. I found that three of the four required shimming, because they were very tight. Ian at ModelWorks later confirming that shimming was quite normal and may need to be removed when run in.

The Lubricator Eccentric/Strap fit was very tight, requiring a combination of both lapping and shimming.


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