Building a ModelWorks 5700 Pannier Tank Engine in 5" Gauge

Kit 3:
Axle Box and Axle assembly
There are not a lot of parts in this Kit. Assembly of the Axle box’s and suspension springs is quite straight forward. The screws securing the Horn Stays to the Horn Blocks were too long and had to be shortened by 2mm. On a couple of the Axles, the Axle Box / Axle fit was found to be tight with high spots. This was easily solved by lapping.

Kit 3 - Assembled

As can be seen from the picture the frames are now painted. It took longer to paint the frames than assemble Kit 3! ModelWorks suggest that the 57xx will take circa 180 hours to assemble; this does not include painting and finishing. I therefore suspect that the true build time will be greater than 500 hours.


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