Building a ModelWorks 5700 Pannier Tank Engine in 5" Gauge

Kit 1:
Frame and Horns

This kit was started on the 21st August 2004. First impressions of the documentation were quite favourable. There is a recommendation to take care when fitting steel screws into tapped aluminium. I would recommend that all tapped holes in aluminium are re-tapped before assembly as they all were or felt too tight. So make certain you add 3 & 4mm taps to your tool kit.

Kit 1 - Assembled


As can be seen, the resulting Frame and Horn assembly looks good. The quality of the parts is very high and the tolerances realised provide a lot of confidence for the rest of the build. Everything lined up and the fit of the Horns in the Frames was exceptional.

Loctite 638 is provided with Kit one to glue the dummy rivets into the Buffer Beam. I also used a small amount on the bolts holding the frames together and also on the nuts & bolts securing the Horns to the Frame. The logic being that you don’t want the frames to fall apart and in a traditional build they would be riveted anyway. Should I ever need to remove the Horns for repair, I would replace the small bolts used with new. This now of course could now be necessary, because they may become damaged during removal.

Being new to building such a model I did debate whether to paint the frames before or after assembly. Would parts rust or corrode if not fully painted?

Having ordered paint and sundries from Phoenix Paints (, I found out what to do! Thanks to their information I knew what to do - paint after assembly, why? If painted beforehand, parts secured with nuts & bolts that are subject to vibration, are likely to come loose due to the spongy affect of the paint between the components. Makes sense to me!

When you contact Phoenix they will recommend a kit of paint, brushes, cleaning agents, thinners etc and their book “The Finishing Touch”, a very good read and highly recommended. The paint supplied by Phoenix is excellent and a pleasure to use. I intend to hand paint the frames and lower parts then spray the body work.


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